The BLOCKS Registry can be used for the lifecycle tracking of personal goods and services. Providing an improved layer of data privacy, security, record keeping, trade and transfer for the things that matter to you the most, using the immutability of blockchain.


High quality luxury goods are typically architected for multiple decades of use and often change hands throughout their lifecycle of ownership. Buyers and sellers can now give each other additional confidence by tracking and registering the lifetime of luxury goods on blockchain.


Real estate has varying levels of title, ownership, recording and transfer in 197 countries around the world. The UN 2030 Agenda specifically lists land and title as key areas of economic advancement that is needed to improve ownership rights, equity and inbound investment in real estate.

The BLOCKS Registry provides an immutable, tamper proof way of establishing land, real estate and title records in any country around the world and can be architected to work seamlessly with customer search and government systems to give buyers and sellers the confidence of peer transactions.


The lifecycle of automobiles is marked by multiple inputs of buyers, sellers, parts and manufacturing. The BLOCKS Registry can be used to categorize and track the lifecycle of manufacturing, shipping, ownership, collision, repair and emissions output of automobiles and other motorized vehicles.


Ranging from sneakers to trading cards, the collectibles market has continued to grow over the last decade at a record pace. The BLOCKS Registry provides an immutable, tamper proof registry for the cataloging and recording of individual collectibles, buyers, sellers, peer trade and transfer in more authentic ways than traditional marketplaces.


While NFTs are rooted in blockchain, the possibility of fraud and forgery remains a major issue on even the largest marketplaces. The BLOCKS Registry, and Verified by BLOCKS, provide an additional layer of metadata, authentication and security for your NFT collection.


Whether it's sports, entertainment, or your alma mater university, authentic merchandise is a strong part of how we identify with the brands we love and support. Make sure the merchandise you are purchasing is authentic and verified with the BLOCKS Registry so that you can focus 100% on being a fan or collector.